Globalist TAKEOVER of America’s Economy Is Nearly Complete | Ep 328

A gigantic cover-up is under way to mislead the public on the TRUE state of the U.S. economy — and it has massive global implications. After a few years of Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan to fundamentally transform America, we all felt the pain in 2023. This year, however, we have a chance to let our voices be heard. But with a historic number of people heading to the polls in 2024, global elites can’t afford to let you know what they’re really ushering in: 21st century fascism and Phase II of the Great Reset. Glenn believes that this year, the elites will go into overdrive to grab control and make sure YOU can’t vote out their plans. So Glenn heads to the chalkboard to reveal the frightening numbers that the Biden administration doesn’t want you to know: Will inflation ever go down? Does the United States still have the strongest economy in the world? Who’s really to blame for all the pain? Glenn also explains what the 2023 economic numbers can show us about our future. The foundation for the Great Reset has been set, and Glenn reveals what you need to be on the lookout for NEXT: You will own nothing. You will CONTROL nothing. You will have NO PRIVACY. And it’s coming faster than expected.

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