Did the Deep State Kill a Journalist? An ‘Octopus Murders’ Review | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 219

A journalist went where the FBI couldn’t and may have dug his own grave asking the wrong questions to a nefarious network, including CIA operatives, the mafia, Hollywood’s elite, Native Americans, and psychopathic killers. This was Danny Casolaro’s biggest story that never happened because he was found dead in a motel room in West Virginia. Was it suicide or murder? Glenn Beck excavates never-before-heard testimony from the filmmakers of the Netflix original docuseries “American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders,” including evidence and a paper trail of a stolen election. Christian Hansen and Zachary Treitz detail the most dangerous character they came across. It’s not Bill Hamilton, Inslaw, Robert Booth Nichols, or Michael Riconosciuto. They also explain how the PROMIS software and the Inslaw scandal have ties to the Angry Birds backdoor malware installed by the NSA as well as that outrageous Zapruder film hoax of the JFK assassination. Confused yet? The interconnected web of disinformation consumed Hansen so much that director Treitz was concerned about his emotional and physical health during filming. The ending, reminiscent of “The Sopranos,” left the filmmakers on the hunt for the key that could unlock the entire conspiracy. But the story doesn’t end there …

5:41: Danny Casolaro’s death, with conflicting theories and debates
10:14: Uncovering secrets in a complex web of government, intelligence, & criminal agencies
22:52: Iran-Contra affair and software backdoors
34:40: Manipulating reality and conspiracy theories
48:22: Investigating a 30-year-old cold case
58:11: Conspiracy theories and their psychological roots

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