What Is The Best Kind Of Somali Pirate…A DEAD One [GREAT VIDEO]

During the last couple decades or so, we have seen a re-birth of piracy, no, not in the Caribbean..but in the Indian Ocean, mainly off of the Somali coast. Somalia is nothing more than a terrorist state where these new pirates come and go from with impunity. To their minds, they are only “defending” their fishing areas and supposedly, foreign ships have been dumping toxic waste off of the Somali coast. It has been said that initially, the local Somali fishermen were only protecting  their traditional fishing areas, but it suddenly seemed that capturing an entire ship and holding it and the crew for ransom became more profitable than fishing.

Well, even though this video is a few years old, it’s still awesome !! Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, has for nearly 20 years been a battlefield, a focus for civil war of political, tribal and social conflicts.


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