What if we stormed the Bermuda triangle?

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What if we stormed the Bermuda triangle?
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What If We All Stormed Area 51?

What if we stormed the Bermuda triangle? That’s the latest crazy question on the minds of thousands of people, following suit with the trend of storming places we normally can’t venture to. Hey everyone, welcome back to life’s biggest questions. I’m Kelly Paoli, stepping in for today’s video concerning a very peculiar new cultural phenomena that now has people on Facebook naively signing up to take a trip out to the unknown. This all started thanks to a pledge of over 1,5 million people on Facebook who want to storm area 51 in an attempt to see what the secure air base facility is hiding behind its restricted boundaries., scheduled to take place on September 20th 2019. Despite it starting as a joke, it’s started a trend on the internet, and has piqued the curiosity of millions across the globe.

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