What If We Drained The Oceans? – Part 2

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What If We Drained The Oceans? – Part 2
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What If We Drained The Oceans?

Well, well, well–as it seems, the seven seas remain to be the living embodiment of human curiosity, and the infinite mysteries of what lurks at the bottom of the deepest depths of the ocean bed was a little bit more than what we first anticipated–given the fact that in our previous video, we hypothetically drained the oceans through ingenious means–and were left to ponder over the dilemma of what our civilization would do with all that new room for activities. As many of you have astutely pointed out–there’s a lot *to* this particular hypothetical notion, so much so, that it seems we’ve got reason enough to revisit a Planet Earth–where all of the oceans have been drained.  

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