What If SCP-049 Was Real?

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What If SCP-049 Was Real?
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What If The SCP Foundation Was Real?

There are two certainties in this world. the After Life – and Taxes. And I’m pretty certain that this guy in question has no intention of rectifying the latter. If you know anything about the SCP Foundation – you’ll know that this guy is kind of a big deal amongst the terrifying ranks of anomalous entities. He’s been around from the beginning, slinking in the shadows – working on his projects – making his way toward his ultimate goal through meticulous scientific processes and a sprinkle of barbaric necromancy. In this video, we’re going to paint the picture of a pretty bleak landscape – a geopolitical theoretical timeline with one man – or, well, creature – pulling the strings. SCP-049. The Plague Doctor. In a world where WE are its pestilence.

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Theory about "the Pestilence" from SCP


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