What If Humans Could Travel Through Black Holes?

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What If Humans Could Travel Through Black Holes?
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Astronomers estimate that there are as many as 100 million black holes in our galaxy alone, and that there is a super massive black hole at the center of almost every galaxy. Black holes are still quite mysterious, we don’t know a lot about them. Works of science fiction allow us to imagine that black holes could serve as gateways to other worlds. As far as we currently know, going inside a black hole is not the smartest idea unless you want to turn into human spaghetti. But According to professor Stephen Hawking, black holes could be wormholes, that could provide short cuts for interstellar space travel, which otherwise would be pretty slow and tedious. A wormhole, aka an Einstein Rosen bridge, is essentially a shortcut through space time. So lets expand on this idea in today’s episode of life’s biggest questions and ask. What if humans could travel through black holes?

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