Wellesley College Activists Protested Author Alice Dreger for Being Transphobic, Even Though She’s Not

Alice Dreger, an historian and bioethicist who resigned from Northwestern University after administrators censored her writing, spoke to students at Wellesley College earlier this month. Her visit provoked a sizeable protest from activists who view her as an enemy of the transgender community, even though Dreger’s views are not remotely transphobic.

“When you have someone like this being brought to campus, it’s very upsetting for us because we’re not widely recognized by society, or even just within the student body,” Mads Casolari, a Wellesley student, told The Wellesley News. “The student body’s getting a lot better about being accepting of trans people and using gender-neutral language, but even then there’s a lot of exclusion.”

Activists circulated an email claiming that Dreger promotes negative stereotypes about trans people and that it was irresponsible for the Wellesley Freedom Project—a Koch-funded effort to bring an ideologically diverse range of speakers to campus—to

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