Watch As Apache Attack Helicopter WIPES OUT Entire Taliban Platoon

As Taliban scum sneaks around in the dark thinking nobody can see them, they get a rather rude surprise that comes in the form of an Apache attack helicopter. Sadly for them, moving toward their objective in the dark isn’t safe at all, as hell-fire rains death upon them. You’d think these goat-humpers would have figured out by now, that the Americans have technology that allows them to see in the dark …oh well….it’s the last time they will make that mistake THAT’S for sure.

Here’s some information about the Apache:

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is an American four-blade, twin-turboshaft attack helicopter with a tailwheel-type landing gear arrangement and a tandem cockpit for a two-man crew. It features a nose-mounted sensor suite for target acquisition and night vision systems. It is armed with a 30 mm (1.18 in) M230 chain gun carried between the main landing gear, under

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