Voting Expert: Over 4 Million Dead People Still on US Voting Rolls

While on FOX and Friends Tuesday morning, elections expert, J Christian Adams revealed there are over 4 million dead citizens on US voter rolls.

This staggering figure is revealed even as many left-leaning lobbyists and politicians fight any kind of efforts to curb voter fraud.

That statistics reveal that the ones winning elections want to keep the system just the way it is.

Adams is an expert in his own right, and as the Voting Section Attorney at the US Department of Justice he has fought to fix the system.  He filed 6 suits in the last year alone against Philadelphia and Broward County, Florida.

According to,

Adams said he had one case in Texas where the person died in 1944.

Far left groups continually sue to keep the voter rolls the way they are. The Obama administration has no desire to clean up these voter rolls.


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