Video Of 5 Anti-Gun Liberals Shooting Guns For The 1st Time

Richard Anthony 2018-01-06

If you are like any of the people in this video and you are fervently ‘anti-gun’, nothing is going to change your opinion about firearms and that’s okay. But, before you make a judgment call on the 2nd Amendment…at the very least, go to a gun range and shoot a firearm, then, if you still feel the same way, that’s fine. One thing you have to remember…guns aren’t for everybody.

If you truly do not believe anyone should own a firearm, we hear at Survival Nation aren’t going to worry about that. However, if you ever happen to have a criminal break into your home in the middle of the night, before he violently assaults you, just tell him your house is a “gun free zone” and get back to us after you get out of the hospital and let us know how that worked-out for

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