Under Armour RTS Men’s Valsetz Tactical Boots

A foreword about UA

Kevin Plank went a long way from UA’s humble beginnings in his grandmother’s basement to owning a brand generating around 4 billion per annum.

It all started with an intention of making a “better” T-shirt that’ll get rid of the body sweat rather than absorbing it. He was a college football team captain at the time, after failing private school and working countless jobs ranging from selling flowers to parking cars.

Just goes to show it really does get worse before it gets better.

HeatGear compression was the first T-shirt to hit the market in 1996, and the rest of it is history.

Fact sheet aka. the company boasting about its product

As per UA, the zinger on these tactical boots is the trifecta featured in the uppers.

They’re completely waterproof, very light but still extremely durable. In other words, UA says they made…

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