Twenty Months Later and There are TEN Unverified Collusion Accusations

Of course the biggest items on the Trump/Steele/Fusion GPS dossier would never hold any weight and it’s insane to think so. One might argue that the PAYING PARTIES would hope it would cast enough doubt to “never” allow Trump to win the presidency but I like to think that they really thought they’d have something to hold over his head.

A bargaining chip as it were. Luckily for us, Trump’s a pretty open book.

As Written and Reported By Rowan Scarborough for the Washington Times:

Christopher Steele’s unproven dossier is a mix of felony charges against President Trump and his people, as well as supposed gossip inside the Kremlin over computer hacking and personnel firings.

For the ongoing special counsel investigation into suspected Trump-Russia election coordination, it is helpful to separate what counts: Dust away the atmospherics — supposed Kremlin intrigue — and focus on the collusion charges brought by the former British spy based

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