Trump Infrastructure Plan: Privatization, Deregulation, and Spending

LEIGH VOGEL/UPI/NewscomIt’s finally here. After a year of delays, drafts, outlines, and leaks, the Trump administration has released a detailed $1.5 trillion infrastructure proposal.

The 55-page document conforms largely to previous reports of what the package might look like. On the down side, there is a lot of new federal spending here. On the upside, there is an effort to shift a lot of the financing burden for new projects onto states, localities, individual users, and private investors, to streamline regulations on those new projects, and to make it easier to privatize existing federal assets.

In a statement, the president expressed his desire to work with Congress on a law that “will enable America’s builders to construct new, modern, and efficient infrastructure throughout our beautiful land.”

His infrastructure plan purports to do this by spending $200 billion in direct federal dollars in order to spur an additional $1.3 trillion in

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