Trump Gets Last Laugh After Hillary Is Finally Being Investigated!

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Trump Gets Last Laugh After Hillary Is Finally Being Investigated!

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Trump Gets Last Laugh After Hillary Honored With Major Medal For Her Impact On Society – Not Yours!

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Trump Gets Last Laugh After Hillary Is Finally Being Investigated!

Hillary Clinton critics immediately rushed to the comment sections and social media to flood the gates with their disdain for her receiving any sort of award, especially one that suggests that she had a positive impact on society. Some critics believe Harvard is giving her the award simply as a means to get on President Trump’s nerves, but he likely doesn’t know or care about what awards Hillary receives. Of course, that’s mere speculation, but it’s highly likely to be true.

Once Hillary receives the award and is pressed back into the American spotlight, it will only be a matter of time until social media erupts with more commentary on the situation. In particular, the commentary from those who dislike Hillary might ask if she stumbled on the way to picking up her award, a reference to all the times that Hillary trips over her own feet in public. Or perhaps the social media comments might ask if she coughed on the award a few times before receiving it

Clinton is a former first lady, New York senator, secretary of State and two-time Democratic presidential candidate. Her 2016 White House bid was damaged severely by an FBI investigation into her use of private email servers to send and receive classified information while at the State Department.

Organizers at Harvard say Clinton was chosen for the award because she’s a “champion for human rights,” a “skilled legislator” and “an advocate of American leadership” on the world stage.

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