The Ultimate Survival Backpacking System: Markhor 45

The following video is brought to you courtesy of the Canadian Prepper YouTube Channel. Click the video below to watch it now.

In this video I review one of the most impressive backpacks I’ve ever encountered. So much attention to detail has contributed to the construction of one of the best backpacks of 2019 the Vanquest Markhor 45.

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Markhor 45 Gear Loadout for 5 day trip

Backpack/ Vanquest Markhor 45

Vanquest- MARKHOR-45 Backpack (CHOOSE COLOR)

7 X 10 Accessorize organizer (attached to beaver tail of Markhor 45)

Vanquest FATPack (Gen-2): First Aid Trauma Pack | SELECT SIZE/ COLOR

Bug Out Roll Lite


MOLLE Sticks

Vanquest 5″ MOLLE Sticks 4 Pack (SELECT COLOR)

Elasto Gear Locks

Vanquest Bottle Holder

Vanquest HYDRA Water Bottle Holder

APO-1 Survival Lilly

APO-1 Survival Knife Stainless Steel (AUS8) Satin Finish

Silky Zubat 390

Silky Zubat 390mm (LG Teeth) Saw

Silky NATA Hatchet

Silky NATA 240 mm Hatchet/ Chopper

Reflective Poncho

Survive Outdoors Longer® Heat Reflective Poncho

90% Wool Blanket

Military Grade Wool Blanket (90%)

Escape Bivvy

Survive Outdoors Longer® Escape™ Bivvy


Tactical Shemagh (CHOOSE COLOR)

Titan Survivorcord

Super Strong Caribiner 21 Kilo-neutons

OMEGA Heavy Duty Climbing D locking Carabiner

Fatrope Firestarting products

Firebox Stove

Firebox Stove 5 inch Generation 2

Freeze Dried Food

Miscellaneous Survival Gear

Misc Medical Supplies

Wildlife Spray

Sabre Wild MAX (LARGE-325 Grams)

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