The Health Benefits of Collinsonia Root

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Collinsonia canadensis, also known as Canada horsebalm, hardhack, horseweed, richweed, ox-balm, and stone root, is an herb in the mint family. Historically, it has been used for improving circulation and congestion, especially in the bowels and throat. It has also generated much interest for being helpful in keeping mucous membranes healthy and improving digestion. In the past, it was an extremely valuable ingredient in many types of throat remedies. In particular though, due to its usefulness in promoting circulation, it is believed to be valuable in relieving hemorrhoid symptoms.

Collinsonia Root Supports Circulation

Collinsonia root is believed to help with a variety of circulatory conditions, including easing hemorrhoid pain. It is believed to help with rectal irritation by resisting the swelling of rectal veins. It’s also known to assist in blood flow by alleviating blood vessel contraction, strengthening vein walls, and assisting with the reduction of blood pooling. Many

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