The Future Is Here: These Are 7 Real Transforming Vehicles That You Didn’t Know Existed

In case you didn’t notice, or have been living under a rock for the last few years, all of that science fiction that you see in the movies, is now “science fact”. Here are 7 truly incredible vehicles, that I’ll wager you didn’t know that really existed. This video is one thrill right after another and the technology is absolutely phenomenal.

This viral video on YouTube has OVER 8 million views and from what I saw, I am surprised it’s not more. This video gives you everything, from flying cars, to real-life transformers, to really phenomenal camping RV’s. It was a real trill just to watch, as when you do, I’m sure you’ll agree with me.

Below, I’ll place descriptions of each vehicle. Even though the video is just over 10 minutes in length, it’s worth every second to watch…enjoy!!

No.7 EO Smart Connecting Car Created by DFKI

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