The 12 Month Calendar Is All Wrong — Why We Should Be Using The 13 Moon Cycle

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Boomer Health Report

Is what we know about our calendar all wrong?

Life is one big cycle made up of lots of decreasingly smaller cycles, perhaps moving infinitely in both directions.

1 second
1 minute
1 hour

1 day
1 week
1 month

1 year
1 decade
1 century

This is just the cycle of time too, we also have — Life cycles.

Karma cycles Body cycles Relationship cycles Behavior cycles Sleep cycles Energetic cycles Earth cycles Planetary cycles
And perhaps infinite cycles within all of these cycles.

Given the nature of this, it could be argued that how we measure cycles could have a significant impact on our mental, physical, spiritual and all round well being?

This is certainly the idea put forward by The World 13 Moon Calendar Peace Movement taken from their website:

“Time is of the mind. Change your calendar, change your time. Change your time and change your mind.”

The Thirteen

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