TBS’s ‘Wrecked’ on Abortion: ‘There Are No Wrong Choices’

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TBS’s Wrecked is comical parody of the show Lost, known for its outlandish storylines and it’s one of my favorite shows on television right now. But Tuesday, July 11’s episode, “Tony Pepperoni,” went too far by making light of a very serious topic – abortion.

Wrecked centers around a group of survivors from a plane crash, trapped on a deserted island. Tuesday’s episode opened with a flashback to season one where main character Owen (Zach Creggar) found fellow flight attendant Rosa (Eliza Coupe) alive but not-so-well on the island. Rosa had gone completely crazy, living with several “friends” made up of tree stumps, suitcases and other objects in her camp.

She attempted to kill Owen but was finally knocked unconscious by another survivor, Florence (Jessica Lowe).

Tuesday’s episode then begins two weeks later, with Owen being kidnapped and taken to another camp on the island with a bag over…

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