Supposedly Trumpian Leader Declares ‘Kill All Others’ on Amazon Prime’s ‘Electric Dreams’

<p>Episode ten of Amazon Prime’s <em>Electric Dreams</em>, based off of science fiction author Philip K. Dick’s works, attempts to draw parallels between an evil dictator and President Trump. The last episode of the season, which was released January 12, is based off Dick’s short story, “The Hanging Man.” In the original story, a man discovers a dead body hanging from a lamppost, is the only one to react, and then discovers aliens have taken over some of the town members. But in <em>Electric Dreams</em>’ liberal version, retitled “Kill All Others,” a tyrannical political leader (Vera Farmiga) asserts, “kill all others,” to the disbelief of only one man, Philbert Noyce (Mel Rodriguez).</p>

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