Stock Market Crash Imminent! 2nd Imaginary Wave Upon Us !!

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Tom Beck with Portfolio Wealth Global just published a great article about a second wave of stock market crash that is coming to the United States.

Tom and other experts are warning that Americans should prepare for a very turbulent period between now and the November elections. This is because he economic and the political situation in the United States in very uncertain and at the moment, anything can trigger a market crash because the market is already inflated and overbought. At the same time, Tom Beck has warned that Americans are being subjected to world class lies from every direction. This is the time when the office of the president has been tarnished by the interests of the deep state and the media is very busy changing the narrative in own favor. They are hiding the truth to the American citizens and the cruel and corrupt media is trying to influence the results by brainwashing the American people.
In America moist of the wealth is owned by a few elites at the top while the 90 percent of the population are left to fight for the little that has been left behind. What is happening at the moment reveals this inequality in a very clear way; the main street is being quarantined and vaccinated and GPS is being used to track citizens in the name of protecting them. While the American citizens are locked down, Wall Street is being propped and they are back to globalizing the workforce and this is weakening the American middle class. The average Americans are the biggest losers while the elites in Wall Street are winning.
When the American billionaires and multimillionaires owns a vast majority of equities, it is very clear why the Federal Reserve is coming up with programs that are only meant to benefit the minority few at the expense other hard working Americans. They have figured a way of exploiting the system for their own selfish gain and in this case they are using fear to scare everyone that the second wave of the outbreak is here.

The elites are pushing to have another economic downturn only to make themselves richer by taking advantage of the money that will be pumped into the economy by the FED at the expense of the normal Americans. In reality, what is needed is to keep the economy open and let everything run as usual while protecting those who are vulnerable.
What we have in the stock market is a big bubble that cannot be sustained for long. Wall Street has already taken advantage of the system and they have created this big bubble and in the process they have made trillions of dollars. The bubble is fully inflated and very soon it will burst; but the problem is that the government will have to use the tax payer’s money to fix the system. In this case, those who are at the top will win while the average American tax payers will lose. In other words, the elites steal and plunder and later on, the Americans are forced to pay.
Right now the stock market is overpriced; it is a big bubble that will burst very soon. The elites are aware of this and at the moment they are pulling their investments out of the stock market. The Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and hedge fund managers like Ray Dalio are dumping stocks and instead they are buying more stable assets like gold and silver. At the same time, the public retail and the American pension funds are buying the overpriced stocks that are being dumped by the investment firms and banks in Wall Street. This means that most Americans are being set up for failure and when the overpriced market crashes, middle class Americans are the ones who will lose their pensions and investments.

The average Americans will lose and the elites will only become richer. Right now a market crash is imminent because the stock market is fully inflated and this bubble will have to burst. However much the FED is avoiding it, the market will have to catch up with the real economy. With the rising number of infections, nothing will get back to normal any time soon. The worst is yet to happen and the average Americans are the ones who will suffer the most. The system is biased and there is a need for a big fundamental change to ensure that we have an economic system that promotes equality, justice and gives all the American citizens’ equal opportunities.

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