Spike Lee in Time: ‘Agent Orange’ Trump ‘Giving a Green Light’ to the KKK to Come Out

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Tea Party USA

<p>The November 20 issue of <em>Time</em> offers the usual bucket of liberal “goodies” – a profile of Trump-trashing Gold Star Dad Khizr Khan and his new book, a book excerpt from Dan Rather, and a glowing review of Pete Souza’s book chronicling his amazing days as White House photographer to the one and only Barack Obama – “born out of scraps of history and hope,” <em>Time</em> said when he won. Then there was a spicy “Conversation” with black filmmakers Spike Lee and Dee Rees to celebrate their new work featured on Netflix. It wouldn’t be long before talk of Amerikkka and racism.</p>

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