Reptilians, the Ancient Ones and the Anunnaki — Understanding the Difference

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I am honored when another places trust in me, so therefore I am trustworthy.

At present, just like for you, I cannot afford to eat every day. Whenever this situation pisses me off (which quite is often) I remind myself that there are countless others who are WAY worse off – that is always a sobering thought… and then I focus on every tiny thing I can ferret out that’s good in my life.

Depending on how bereft one is, this can take a moment or half the day.

If you can’t FIND anything good in present time, scan your memory banks for past pleasure moments and re-call them.

Once again depending on your level of depression/ despondency this can be easy or difficult, but once one pleasure moment is accessed, a cascade phenomena starts to occur.

If nasty memories surface or ones that cause pain, just ignore them, say, “Not going there,

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