Regaining Control of Money Would Solve EVERYTHING

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Boomer Health Report

How do we solve healthcare, immigration, our crumbling infrastructure, national debt, energy needs, and the political structure that ignores the best possible solutions for the planet?

Well, there is only one answer. Civilization must regain control of money. Unless we disempower the Central Bank of every nation, civilization will continue its path of self-destruction through greenhouse gases.

How can this be achieved? By restoring Real Democracy to create and control the different types of money. Humans on a global scale must dismantle Banking’s exclusive rights to create money. Eventually, this will lead to the scientific management of Earth’s resources.

To arrive at this new stage of development our collective mindset must acknowledge two things.

1) The root of every social problem we encounter is due to the structure of money from Central Banking.

2) The higher educations of an MBA and MEC which support the imprisonment of humans and Earth to money,

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