Radical Islam Strikes Again: Brussels Attacked; Airport, Subway 34 Dead, 100+ Injured

March 22, 2016

Islamic Terrorists have claimed responsibility for a large-scale coordinated attack in Brussels today, killing 34 people and critically injuring at least another 200 people. ISIS terrorists struck the city’s main international airport and in a subway station at the heart of the city, near the headquarters of the European Union.

The attacks started with a large explosion at a departure terminal at the Brussels airport. Witnesses described an apocalyptic scene of carnage, after an ISIS terrorist set off a suicide bomb and turned the terminal into a war zone.

79 minutes later a second explosion ripped through a Metro station just 400 meters from the EU headquarters, killing at least 20 more people and injuring a countless number of bystanders.

ISIS Claims Responsibility

In the afternoon, Amaq, a news agency affiliated with the Islamic State, issued a bulletin

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