Q&A 27: Machine Guns with John Keene

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For today’s Q&A, I am joined by John Keene, retired US Army Master Sergeant and NFA specialist for the Morphy auction company (and for the James D Julia company before their acquisition by Morphy’s). John has a tremendous knowledge of machine guns, the machine gun collecting community, and the legal issues surrounding it. We have some great questions from Patrons, and I think you will really enjoy the show today! Timestamps for questions:

0:00:52 – Favorite WW2 machine gun to handle or shoot?

0:02:28 – What transferrable MG is the best investment?

0:03:47 – What delayed development of large-caliber heavy MGs like the M2?

0:05:20 – If the NFA registry for machine guns was reopened, would you be happy?

0:10:14 – US copy of the MG42 in .30-06
US training film about German MGs: https://youtu.be/Oyj-ZHXFKQI?t=96

0:15:40 – Is the Browning M2 still made or are the guns all WW2 vintage?

0:16:51 – What MG deserved more attention than it got?

0:20:42 – Opinion on Soviet MGs?

0:23:39 – Why did the Germans have high rates of fire on the MG34 and MG42 and why did the US not do the same?

0:25:58 – What was the most important development in early MGs?

0:28:08 – Converting PPSh or PPS to 9x19mm

0:30:58 – Why did the US not adopt the MG3?

0:33:14 – How common are rewelded/reactivated machine guns?

0:35:50 – What are good options for the introductory machine gun collector on a budget?

0:42:15 – Why did Germany continue to produce the MG34 after the introduction of the MG42?

0:44:15 – What factors determine machine gun value, and do some obscure guns fall through the cracks?
“The Schmeisser Myth” on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2NZvZ1X

0:50:27 – What are some examples of transferrable guns the you wouldn’t expect to exist in the registry?

0:52:56 – What are the strangest machine guns that came through Julia and Morphy’s?

0:55:29 – What is the process for moving to a different state with NFA items?

0:56:20 – If you had to pick just one type of MG belt to use.

0:58:01 – NFA fakes?

1:01:15 – How do you know how many guns of a particular type are in the registry?

1:06:20 – Why did the US stick with the M1918A2 BAR as a light machine gun in WW2?

1:15:06 – How many machine guns came back with US GIs after WW2?

1:21:05 – Did the bump stock ban impact machine gun prices?

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