Q&A 18: Ammunition Adventures (and more)

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00:30 – Belts or links, and why?
04:53 – What determines locations of gun manufacturing centers?
06:40 – Why did France not use 7.62 NATO?
09:38 – CMMG Guard, yea or nay?
12:32 – How do/did proof houses actually work?
15:45 – History of the 6mm Lee Navy (to be expanded into a standalone video later)
17:22 – 7.62mm NATO rifles in modern military applications?
19:42 – Why that straight trigger on French rifles?
23:00 – What Old West revolver would I carry?
24:37 – Why not lip-less magazines like the Madsen?
27:13 – Why did Germany not have a semiauto rifle before WWII?
30:33 – Would a modernized M1941 Johnson be a good thing?
32:49 – Is 5.56mm NATO due for replacement?
33:36 – Best gun-related gift I have ever received?
35:39 – Should the US Army have retained the .30-40 cartridge?
37:32 – Next international trip?
39:25 – Cool collectible guns for the Anglophile
43:20 – US intermediate cartridge development before WWII?
45:24 – Where do I get my surplus ammo?
47:42 – Why not more straight pull military rifles?
50:31 – How would I have improved the Mosin in the 20s or 30s?
52:11 – Inertial locking firearms?
53:35 – What about the FX-05 and Type 89 rifles?
54:50 – How to make a legal gun from an open-bolt SMG kit?
58:48 – What was the French problem with the Remington 07/15 rifles?

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