Prepping will be very controversial when the SHTF

Right now, prepping is seen by society at large as strange and a little silly. Shows like “Doomsday Preppers” has given prepping a bad name, making us seem like paranoid but harmless eccentrics. The average citizen sees no need to “prep”, since he assumes that everything he needs will always be immediately available via local stores and fast shipping from internet companies. So average Joe has a low opinion of us preppers.

When the SHTF, I mean when some severe disaster with long-lasting effects strikes the nation, all that will change. First of all, many more people will suddenly see the benefits to prepping. It will be seen as prudent reasonable emergency preparedness, and long-time preppers will be seen as a source of much needed knowledge and experience on the topic. Nice.

But one downside is that a rush of persons newly-entering the field of prepping will buy up much…

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