Organic Portals — Origins of the ‘Soulless Humans’ Theory

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The Collective Soul of the Species

John Baines, The Stellar Man (1985).

Aristotle defined a slave as an “animated malleable instrument.” This terrifying description has never been more true than it is today, if applied to human beings in general.

The individual is merely an appendage and a sounding board for the species. Homo sapiens is the same as other animal species: he has a collective soul which regulates and directs the evolution of the human race.

The collective soul produces the migration of the birds, regulates reproduction, directs different changes and adaptations, brings about periods of mating, and in general, directs the instinctive behavior of the beasts.

As he belongs to the animal kingdom, sapiens is not free from this directing force which in effect controls, directs, supervises, and regulates the species, acting as a common brain, which stifles individual thought.

This common soul has been called the “collective unconscious” by Jung.

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