NOW THIS IS JUST TOO DARN FUNNY: A Huntin’ Dog Who Love’s ‘Makin’ Bacon’

I think that the dog in the video below is slightly confused…he’s supposed to HUNT the wild hogs…not ‘hook-up’ with em’. The title to this video says it all really, a huntin’ dog who loves makin’ bacon. Now, normally a good hunting dog will give chase, the wild pig on the other hand, will try and AVOID the dogs, so what the hell happened here ?!? I mean this is like watching the animal version of what goes on backstage at an Elton John concert.

This video comes to us from a man named Cole Wideman, of Lott, Texas. Apparently his wife put it up on YouTube, because I’m sure if she ever tried to tell someone about it, no one would’ve ever believed her. And to be frank, if I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it either.

 Oh well, maybe Mr. Widerman can train a

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