New Evidence Proves Bigfoot’s Are Real

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Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, you’ve gotta admit that some of the evidence pointing to the existence of Bigfoot is pretty convincing. From numerous sightings caught on film, footprints found all over North America, and eerily similar stories of “rock apes” throwing stones at travellers, the legends of Bigfoot have persisted for decades and spread throughout the continent. Recently, the most convincing piece of evidence yet may have been discovered: an actual decomposed foot that might belong to the elusive great-ape.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum is a primate specialist who claims that all the “real” Bigfoot footprints have similarities consistent with apes and are too different from human feet. With no apes in North America, these prints can only point to a creature like the Sasquatch, which may be an endangered species of primate that’s been hiding out in the forests. But evidence of Bigfoot has been clouded by controversy, with hoaxers faking some sightings and the seemingly real ones being too inconclusive to prove much. The best example is the famous Patterson-Gimlim film which helped inspire Bigfoot folklore and also started the rumor of the famous ape suit. But if Bigfoot really is out there, where could they be hiding? Are there really million dollar rewards for finding one? And why haven’t we been able to find their remains? There are still a lot of questions to answer, but check out our video to see just how close we’ve gotten to finding out the truth about Bigfoot.

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