Man Shoots Deputy in Helicopter That Was Flying Over His Minnesota Property

A Polk County Deputy was shot and wounded this morning, while apparently riding in a helicopter, near Bagley, Minnesota. He was treated and released from a hospital. His name has not been released yet.
The suspect in this case, 71 year old Carstie Clausen is being held in the Clearwater County Jail in connection with the case.
Just after 10 a.m., law enforcement officers from around the region raced to the scene of shooting….
This farmstead, back behind the trees, 7 miles northwest of Bagley, Minnesota.
A Deputy was apparently hit by shrapnel or glass from a bullet that struck a Border Patrol helicopter flying over the property.
The helicopter pilot quickly landed in nearby Fosston, where the Deputy was taken to the hospital.
The good news is that the Deputy who was wounded during this incident has already been treated and released from the hospital.
Sheriff Barb Erdman, Polk County: “A Polk County Deputy, along with another law enforcement agency was involved in a situation where the Deputy was injured. The Deputy received medical treatment and has since been released.”
At 11 a.m. authorities rushed Clausen’s farm home but it was empty. They found Clausen in a nearby out building.
Clausen is in the Clearwater Jail awaiting formal charges.

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