Malware Discovered That Could Take Down U.S. Grid; ‘It Would Be Very Easy’

Image source: NASA

The malware that was used to shut down part of Ukraine’s power grid in December is more sophisticated and dangerous than cybersecurity experts previously thought.

Experts who examined the cyber weapon describe it as a malicious toolkit that easily can be turned against the U.S. power grid with a “little tweaking,” Vice reported. Disturbingly, the attackers only used part of the Industroyer/CrashOverride malware in their attack.

“There’s a ton of functionality in this that was never used in Ukraine,” Robert M. Lee of infrastructure security company Dragos said of the weapon. “This suggests it was being prepared for use at multiple sites.”

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Lee believes that Industroyer/CrashOverride can cause blackouts in the United States with only slight changes. He made that conclusion after examining the malicious code used to construct the weapon.

Experts like Lee are concerned

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