Longevity Predictor Test: How Old Are You Really?

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Economic Crisis Report

Should your life insurance company be prohibited from requiring you to take the test?

Rudall30/DreamstimeTwo as-yet unidentified life insurance companies plan to use Life Epigenetics‘ M-Panel test to predict how long potential clients will live. The test, based on research by the UCLA scientists Steven Horvath and Brian Chen, essentially estimates an individual’s biological age (as opposed to his chronological age) using markers associated with turning various genes off or on.

Horvath and Chen report that for about 5 percent of the people who take it, the M-Panel test finds that their biological age is around 10 years higher than their chronological age. For those unfortunate people, their risk of mortality is 48 percent higher than the average for their age cohort. More happily, about 20 percent of the test population learns that their biological age is 5 years younger, and their

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