Lioness Viciously Defends Her Cub From Males That Has Taken Over The Pride [Video]

Richard Anthony 2018-01-07

Life within a lion pride is not ever easy, many factors come into play during the life of your average lion. Lion cubs are completely dependent on their parents, they not only need the adults to provide food, but protection as well.

Infanticide is often perpetrated by adult males. Baby animals are often protected by their fathers, with male protection playing an important role in infant survival.

But when new males arrive on the scene, everything can change. Male interlopers attempt to overthrow these fathers. If they succeed, by hurting, chasing off or even killing a previously dominant male, and taking over the leadership of their group, then infants are suddenly placed at great risk.

It was originally proposed that male lions kill cubs to bring the females back into heat. This has been disproved, but the original thinking was that if a male lion coalition

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