Jennie & Her Disabled Dog Are International Superstars

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Jennie And Her Disabled Dog Are International Superstars

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When our daughter Sadie was born in 2012, we were expecting a healthy baby girl. We had no reason or any evidence to believe this wouldn’t be a difficult pregnancy and a special needs baby.

However, just moments after Sadies birth, we as parents understood immediately that our new baby girl was going to be a special needs child. Michelle, Sadie’s birth mother, witnessed her newborn daughter being rushed away to another medical facility to receive the care Sadie needed to live.

Not more than a week later, we realized our precious newborn daughter Sadie had Downs syndrome.

After several tricky months living in the intensive care unit, we were cleared by the hospital to take our daughter Sadie home. Unfortunately, our joy was cut short.

Several months later, Sadie had to re-enter the intensive care unit for an emergency heart operation. This was when we became anxious, as we were informed that Sadie also had Type 1 diabetes.

As parents, we would never give up on our baby girl. And there were so many nights where it was tough to keep control of Sadie’s blood sugar levels. If her blood sugar levels become too high or too low, it was always going to be life-threatening.

We were always concern about Sadie’s health. Then one day, as we look back, a miracle happened when we decided to bring Sadie and our family a new Labrador puppy dog that we named Hero.

Everyone knows that most puppy dogs have an extremely keen sense of smell. And, actually, their sense of smell is so precise that dogs can pick up on human blood sugar levels. Especially when the blood sugars are dangerously abnormal for humans.

One crazy day Sadie was present in her classroom at the Deerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills when Hero our Labrador dog, who was at home, started to act in an extreme and strange manner.

Then our Labrador dog Hero, who’s usually a very calm, sweet dog, began to bark furiously. So eventually Sadie’s mom, Michelle became extremely worried that Hero had picked up on something wrong with her daughter Sadie.

So it turns out that if Sadie’s blood sugar gets too low, she might end up falling into a coma. And she could also end up dying from her blood sugar reaction.

Our Labrador dog Hero had sensed a threatening situation from miles away. And this was long before it could ever be registered with any technological meter.

Our dog Hero’s trainer, KC Owens, explains that Labradors have hundreds of thousands of receptors in their noses. This makes them the best candidates for any life-saving human job.

No one knows precisely how Hero sensed Sadie’s dangerous blood sugar levels when she was so far away.

We’re glad that our Labrador dog did. She’s a real hero.


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