It Is Past Time ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ Did Something About This!

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Tea Party USA

Doesn’t it seem weird that these massive, PUBLICLY traded, companies are so easily allowed to make bias left-based whims as they see fit? I know, I know… it’s their business and we just have to put up with it, right? Well… as I emphasized before, what if it’s a public company? Where different people from many different backgrounds own a piece of their pie?

That’s what I have a problem with, in a sense. Are they even asking their shareholders how they feel about their left-agenda-based moves?

And beyond that, they’ve managed to create these massive companies that seek to control what you see and hear each in their way. It’s essentially a monopoly that appears to have gone unnoticed on the whole.

Isn’t it time WE THE PEOPLE did something about that?

As Written and Reported By Michael Walsh for PJ Media:

Back in July, in this space, I warned about

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