Is the Desert Tech MDR the ultimate survival rifle?

The guys at Desert Tech make serious rifles for serious operators. Their initial claim to fame was based on their bullpup version of high-end bolt-action sniper rifles, like the SRS-A1. It’s about a foot shorter than a conventional rifle of the same caliber and barrel length. Perfect for home defense? Not really. I admire this type of high-quality rifle from afar, but I don’t have any use for one.

Enter the DT MDR or “Micro Dynamic Rifle”. It’s a bullpup semi-auto AR with ambidextrous controls and a forward ejection system. Nice, but there are other bullpup ARs on the market. What makes this rifle stand out is two features: (1) lightweight and (2) caliber conversions in two form factors: 5.56 and 7.62×51.

Yes, you read that right: 7.62×51 (.308). The magwell is large enough for the .308, and it takes an insert to be able to accept the smaller 5.56…

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