Is Cold Adaptation a Survival Skill to be Practiced?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) reports that acclimatization to cold occurs over a period of ten days. Dr. Jack Kruse, the famous (and sometimes controversial) neurosurgeon, observes that Sherpas, in the Himalayan Mountains, cold adapt in three to five days. A person who is cold adapted will obviously be more comfortable when away from a climate controlled environment. In my experience, those who are accustomed to the cold do not allow themselves to become distracted by weather and other environmental elements, and they are able to more effectively focus. They feel at ease when dealing with the elements, many times appearing stronger and more energetic.

Many years ago, I was forced into cold adaptation during military training (an experience for which I am now grateful) though I was not totally aware of it as it happened. After about two weeks of training in the snow, I no longer

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