Is Brazil’s Government Burning The Rain Forest?

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Is Brazil’s Government Burning The Rain Forest?
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Now for those of you unaware, the Amazon Rainforest, which provides the earth’s atmosphere with 20% of it’s oxygen, has been burning for 3 weeks. Although there has been little to no media coverage on the situation up until a few days ago, this is something that happens every year. But the issue is that this is the most fire the Amazon Rainforest has had to deal with since the National Institute for Space Research started recording them in 2013. There’s been a 84 percent increase of fires compared to last year in the same time period. Cities in Brazil have seen the light of day disappear right before their eyes due to the smoke of these fires covering the skies. Of course, this is a huge problem, so why isn’t anyone, more specifically, the Brazilian government doing anything ?

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