If Humans Went Extinct, What Would Replace Us?

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If Humans Went Extinct, What Would Replace Us?
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What If Apes Evolved Past Humans?

Evolution! The driving force behind the building blocks of all manner of matter–and the living, breathing endless torrent of life finding its way amongst the cosmos. The truth of the matter is, evolution is a wonderfully unpredictable thing. It is relentless in its endless pursuit to propagate life–and ever since our distant, amphibious ancestors crawled out of the primordial soup–our species were the eventual victors of the hard-fought millennia long battle toward sentience. Thankfully, we could stand on two legs–run really fast, make friends and start a fire: the many benchmarks that our planet requires to kickstart a civilization. But unfortunately for us, in this hypothetical situation–we’ve just been swatted away by the unfathomable will of the universe. Uhh.. goodbye, I guess. But either way, forget about that–who’s next? Let’s find out.

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