Here Is The REAL Reason Why Hollywood is Gunning for the NRA

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Tea Party USA

Have you noticed that the Hollywood crowd has stepped up its attacks on the National Rifle Association? This move falls under the old adage that a good defense is a better offense. If you can distract the attention that Hollywood is getting for all its perverted behavior, then you can just sweep it under the rug. Who will benefit from the attacks on the NRA? Would you believe Harvey Weinstein, for one?

As Written By Lowell Ponte for the American Thinker:

Actor Alec Baldwin and California lieutenant governor Gavin Newsom have helped launch a crusade to win an Oscar for the documentary Making A Killing: Guns, Greed And the NRA.  Their reasons in this case may go beyond the predictable liberal virtue-signaling.

When a sex scandal erupted against producer Harvey Weinstein, his first response was to pledge that he would “channel anger” in a campaign against the National Rifle Association, one

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