GM Worker Pulls Gun to Stop Stabbing Attack and is Promptly Fired After Saving a Woman’s Life

UPDATE: The ccw permit holder in this story has reportedly gotten his job back. He was not a direct employee of GM but hired by a 3rd party service. I’m sure GM was not happy about the bad PR they were getting in this incident, and thanks to sites like this one, a law abiding gun owner can at least know he has his job and we have his back.

A concealed carry permit holder was carrying his gun when he went to work on Wednesday morning.  And after witnessing a brutal stabbing he intervened by pulling his gun on the attacker who was stabbing a 52-year-old GM employee.

Even though his actions more than likely saved the victim’s life, the GM employee was fired on the spot for having a firearm and was promptly escorted off the property.

GM is disputing the firing of the employee but from…

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