Getting the State Out of Marriage: New at Reason

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Economic Crisis Report

We recently got married. Well, technically, we got married twice.

One fine day this spring, we put on nice clothes and publicly performed the rites and rituals recognized by our families and community as a wedding ceremony. As part of the day’s events, we signed a Ketubah, the traditional Jewish wedding contract. Historically, the Ketubah included the groom’s promise to provide “food, clothing, the necessities of life, and conjugal needs” for the bride, along with a statement of the dowry the bride brought to the marriage. Modern versions are often more egalitarian. Ours included a mutual promise to “work for one another,” “live with one another,” and “build together a household of integrity.” Ketubot are typically beautifully calligraphed works of art, and we spent a lot of time choosing the right text and design for ours. It was witnessed by our rabbi and by two beloved friends. It hangs

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