Fox News Bans Gene Simmons From Building After Crazy Outburst

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Tea Party USA

Gene Simmons, the famed KISS rock star was on FOX news and did a couple of interviews. Naturally, the current news item of sexual harassment came up and he was allowed to expound some of his beliefs. The interview is very interesting to watch. It actually sounded reasonable even though it rambled a bit. You can watch the video. It is his behavior after the interview that got WEIRD. Read that part, too.

As Written By Frank Camp for The Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, Gene Simmons appeared on both “Fox & Friends” and “Mornings with Maria” on Fox News and Fox Business Network respectively.

When asked by Maria Bartiromo about the allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Simmons offered a lengthy reply:

You know that the lunatics have taken over the insane asylum when respected business news entities like yourself ask guys that look like me, that stick their tongues out

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