Fire Cider: How to Make a Fast, Effective Remedy for the Flu (VIDEO)

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One of my favorite remedies for cold and flu season is fire cider. It’s loaded with anti-inflammatory, immune-supporting, and decongestant herbs. Best of all, it’s super simple to make. Even though the combination sounds bizarre, it’s actually tasty in a sweet and sour kind of way.

Fire cider can be made entirely with items from the grocery store, or customized with more exotic herbs from an herb shop. I even have an “instant” version to share with you.

The 2018 flu season is a rough one

Flu season here in the US is from October through May, with the peak in February. We haven’t even hit peak flu season yet, and already Alabama has declared a state of emergency and California is running out of Tamiflu. According to the CDC’s flu map for the week ending January 6, 2018, the flu is widespread in 49 states, and active in all 50 states.

In general, most

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