Fire and Fury to Get TV Adaptation, Skyscraper-Sized Asteroid Headed Toward Earth, Woman-Less Last Jedi: P.M. Links

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on The Economic Crisis Report

WALT DISNEY PICTURES/LUCASFILM / Album/NewscomMichael Wolff’s book on the first year of the Trump administration, Fire and Fury, will be adapted for television. President Trump accused Russia of helping North Korea get around sanctions. Republicans in the House of Representatives are still looking for a short-term government funding bill that enough of them can support. Three quarters of the National Park Service’s advisory board resigned, claiming Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was unwilling to meet with them. Trump’s Fake News Awards may happen later today. A dispute between a sheep farmer and the defense ministry in Romania over grazing near a NATO base has reached that country’s highest court. A skyscraper-sized asteroid headed toward Earth will come close enough to be considered “potentially hazardous,” according to NASA. Men’s rights activists make a womanless cut of The Last Jedi.

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