[Exposed] Hillary campaign SOLD OUT to foreign power

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Tea Party USA

There’s new evidence of major foreign influence in the U.S. election… but it’s NOT the one that’s getting all the attention in the mainstream media right now!

It’s has nothing to do with Russia, and it’s completely unrelated to President-elect Donald Trump.

In a staggering revelation that the corporate media ignored, the GERMAN government sent nearly $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, the family’s multi-billion dollar money machine that operates under the guise of a charity.

It wasn’t sent long ago, before Hillary became secretary state or even before she announced her candidacy for president.

It was sent in the third quarter of 2016… or right in the heat of the presidential battle, and at a time when Clinton was ahead in the polls.

What were the Germans up to? Were they looking ahead and trying to curry favor with the person they believed would win the White House?


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