Epsom Salt Can Do THAT? (Yes, And It Should Be In Your Stockpile)

First, let’s dispense with its odd and utterly confusing name. Although it sounds like it could be a relative of gypsum, aka calcium sulfate, Epsom salt is actually named after Epsom, England, where its healing benefits were first discovered.

Epsom salt also doesn’t qualify as a salt, by definition. However, the name has stuck and likely will remain.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should never be without this essential homesteading basic.

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The magnesium in Epsom salt provides a wide array of benefits, including relaxing muscles, lowering blood pressure, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, producing energy. and manufacturing proteins. You also need magnesium to strengthen bones, to conduct nerve impulses, and for maintaining healthy heart rhythm. And don’t forget about its sulfur component, which helps with important detoxification pathways.

External Uses

The most common way to use Epsom salts is

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